Subaru Vehicle Technology Specialist

San Antonio, Texas

The Subaru Delivery Specialist is responsible for providing comprehensive product information and a superior customer experience before, during and after the sales process. We are currently seeking a unique individual that understands and can relay complex technology to customers and enjoys doing it. The individual we seek will be technically savvy and possess exceptional customer handling skills.

Responsibilities Include:
 Provide an outstanding customer experience in each customer interaction that drives loyalty to the retailer and Subaru.
 Provide and offer comprehensive product information throughout the sales process to customers.
 Support the Sales Consultant with customer questions regarding product features and benefits.
 Locate and collect technical Subaru information and make it available as a resource for the entire retailer staff.
 Be able to meet and greet and interact with customers effectively.
 Fully explain Subaru features, applications, and benefits.
 Provide a comprehensive and detailed Subaru delivery explaining all Subaru manuals, brochures, and literature.
 Engage customers to return to the retailer for an Encore delivery and perform a customer focused explanation of sophisticated systems for customer understanding and satisfaction.
 Follow-up with Subaru customers after the sale and all deliveries to ensure the customer is satisfied to positively impact customer loyalty.
 Strong computer and phone skills.
 Acquire and maintain knowledge on all Subaru vehicles and technology.
 Attend and graduate from the Subaru “Boot Camp”.
 Attain Subaru Delivery Specialist Certification.
 Study and understand Subaru competitors and the Subaru advantages over each.
 Achieve customer satisfaction targets as assigned by management.
 Uphold high ethical standards and maintain a professional appearance at all times.

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